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Sona Classified, Our NAME Is Our Strength.

Sona Classified is an independent sales and brokerage company for residential and commercial properties in the primary and secondary markets of the UAE, incorporated under UAE law and regulated by Dubai Government legislation. Sona Classified was established in response to the rapidly changing real estate market in the UAE, and the region as a whole, to meet clients’ evolving needs and demands.

Our Management, along with the team of dedicated brokers, embodies the company’s ethos of Integrity and Client Care. Our brokers are hired for their in-depth knowledge of the local property market and because they demonstrate trust and professionalism in all their dealings. Our uniqueness lies in our team’s approach in applying creativity, common sense and practicality when seeking solutions to complex real estate problems.

Client satisfaction is our number one priority. We place particular emphasis on prompt and on-ongoing client communication, and take time to get to know our clients’ needs. We insist on meeting our clients face-to-face to understand their requirements and provide relevant advice. Ultimately, we aim to meet all our clients’ needs while saving them time.

Our impressive network of contacts within the real estate industry including property managers, developers, owners, and professional valuers, combined with our highly trained and well-informed agents are key to our success. Whether you wish to buy, sell, or lease a property with us, you are assured of swift transition from making an offer to completion in this ever changing and highly competitive market.

All Property Investment Properties is a unique division of Sona Classified which focuses on investment property and asset/portfolio management services. We act for private individuals, private investment clients, as well as wealth managers and other professional advisers. We advise clients on single and multiple property investments including flats, houses, residential and commercials blocks and buildings. With our intimate knowledge of the marketplace and our network of contacts, combined with our professionalism and excellence of negotiation and analytical skills, we strive to match our clients’ investment needs with the right properties and exceptional returns. For more details please contact